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Danny and Vera Snook


Danny and Vera Snook have been wedding photographers since 1979. Danny received Certified Professional Photographer status  from Professional Photographers  of America in 1980.

In 2000 while Danny and Vera were photographing a country wedding at a local outdoor venue, a fraternity party kicked off about 50 yards away with loud rap music totally disturbing the ceremony. It upset Vera so much, that someone would be so insensitive,  she believed it could be done better so The Meadows Wedding Venue was born.

No one outside of a family member cares more about your wedding than Danny and Vera. That's why every wedding package includes a Day of Wedding Director to help make your special day as stress-free as possible.

Let’s Work Together

12557 County Road 238 Clyde Texas, 79510

Tel: 325-669-8177

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