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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes The Meadows the place where I should have my Wedding?
Unlike other outdoor places, we designed The Meadows for weddings. You don't get married in our front yard and then have the reception in our back yard, our focus is for Brides to have a wonderful wedding day with as little stress as possible that's why we provide an in-house wedding director. The Meadows Wedding area is large enough to accommodate large weddings and receptions without feeling uncomfortable. Your guests will feel welcome at your wedding. You may choose to have your wedding ceremony inside Celebration Hall . At the Meadows you dont have to stress about the weather (Celebration Hall is fully enclosed and air conditioned/heated) or worry about having enough room for your guests, we have had weddings indoor of 225 and still had enough room for the Dance Floor and buffet.

When should I reserve my Wedding Date?
As soon as you decide that you would like to have your wedding at The Meadows and you know what day you want to get married on, that's when you should book. We book some dates over a year in advance and other days we have booked only a few weeks in advance.

What should I be aware of in pricing?
Other wedding locations have hidden fees and extra charges (some not even listed on their information) so be careful to ask if there are any other charges or fees that you must pay. We have included everything that our Brides have asked for in our prices. 

How many people can the Meadows hold? 
We have had outdoor weddings of 350 and indoor of 225. That is not our occupancy we actually could "fit" more inside but we are committed to our Bride's weddings being wonderful. So our numbers do not include using the dance floor, cake or food areas to seat guests. That being said if you do not desire a dance then we will seat around 260 inside. We have photographed at other venues who neglect to tell brides that the number of guests will only fit if there is no buffett area or dance floor. Guests left and it was very difficult to enjoy the evening for the couple. We do not want that for our brides.

Why is the Meadows so inexpensive?
We have been serving Brides and their families since 1978 and we know the high cost of weddings. We offer a beautiful location designed to be as perfect as possible for our Brides, at a price they can afford. We have been told that we are far less expensive than other locations that are not as nice or convenient as The Meadows and when you add in our photography coverage it is the best deal available. We are comfortable with our pricing and enjoy being able to provide our Brides with such a great value.

What time should I get married at The Meadows?
It depends on the time of year, but a good time generally is at least 2 hours before sunset. That way some of your reception will be during dark and you'll get to enjoy the romantic lights in Celebration Hall

How much time does the rent include?
We know the importance of your rehearsal and we include the day before your wedding starting at
4:00PM so you may do some of the move in, rehearsal and decorating. The day of the wedding you may arrive at 9am and leave at midnight, the day after if there is no other wedding, you may come and sort out decorations (all of our brides end up using some of the available items from us). 

Why should I use Creative as my Wedding Photographer?
We are truly wedding specialist's, Our purpose is to make your dreams come true. We capture the beauty and individuality of who you are. We get to know you, your relationship and your vision for your wedding, then we capture that story for you to enjoy for the rest of your life. Our relationship with our couples is a special one in that we value the responsibility of capturing one of the most important events in their lives. There is a discount on your photography when you add it to your Meadows package.

Why does The Meadows not charge by the person?
We own our chairs, tables, linens etc so we don't have to rent them. This gives our brides the luxury of not having to worry about not having enough seating for their guests because you paid for 100 guests but 125 showed up so you don't have enough chairs .

What do we do if it rains on our Wedding Day?
 We have had only one wedding that moved to Celebration Hall due to rain - we have had a couple of rain delays. You can move your ceremony from the lawn to inside Celebration Hall the morning of your wedding or wait for a break in the storm and have the wedding on the lawn as planned. Celebration Hall is large enough that your guests will be able to enjoy your beautiful ceremony.  

Do I have to use Creative Photography for my Wedding Pictures if I use the Meadows?
No, you may contract any photographer you desire, however the use of the cabin for dressing in,the photo areas, wireless microphone, black linens, props (butterfly chair, parasols,etc), wildflower areas and chair covers are only available to brides that we are photographing. The cabin is our photography studio and only we can photograph in it. Photography is restricted to the immediate Wedding area. Trails and wildflower beds are off limits.
If you do choose Creative Photography as your Wedding Photographers you get a reduction in the cost of Your photography coverage and use of the Cabin to dress in and the portrait garden for photos as well as other benefits.

Will you provide clean-up?
The only clean up that the Bride's family is responsible for is to remove the presents the night of the wedding and the food must be put away (either in trash or in kitchen). You may come back the next day (if we do not have a wedding that day) to pick up your personal items, decor and food if you like.

What time do we have to shut down the reception?
Music has to be turned down at 10:00PM and off at 11:00. 

May I serve Alcohol?
You can have beer wine etc - however you do have to pay extra for a security guard. He charges $35.00 per hour with a 3 hour minimum. If you wish to have an open bar you have to hire a TABC licensed bar tender.

What is the deposit?
The non-refundable first payment is $750.00 and you pay that to reserve your wedding date. The final payment and a damage deposit of $250 is due 1 month before the ceremony. You make payments every 30 days.

What happens if I need to postpone my wedding?
We recommend that you make sure about the wedding date by inquiring with family members about conflicting events. In such a case that something unexpected happens and you must postpone your wedding we need a release of that date in writing, email is ok, so we can make it available to rebook. If we are able to rebook the date with another event, we will gladly refund any payments made. If we cannot rebook the date then we lose income in the amount of the balance of your contract.

If you have any other questions just give me a call I'll be glad to help you!   
Vera 325-529-5725

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