Invite or Don't Invite

It's the age old question to any event, who gets to come, only now days it is even more difficult (it seems) to answer. There are the step families, in-laws, out-laws (we all have them), high school friends, college friends, co-workers, ex co-workers, mom and dad's friends and co-workers, the list goes on and on. So how do you narrow it down? The first question is how many people are you comfortable with? Then apply the magic formula - 60% of the number of invitations that you send out will attend, and ta-da your guest count. So if you are comfortable with 100 guests you can send out about 175 invites. Now that is actual number of invitations - not 85 cause there are families at each address. The formula takes that into account. Even large families. The only time that formula has not worked in the last 37 years and over 2,000 weddings is when someone puts the invite on a bulletin board at work or church (watch out for those grandmas), or mentioned the wedding on facebook (oops!). Also going the other way -if the groom or bride's family are from europe then its a safe bet that of the 50 invites that you are sending to his family probably only 10 will show so keep that in mind (actually most out of state invites will have less responses than in state). What is the 'magic number' of guests? It depends on you! We have had weddings as small as 5 people -(the couple had tried for months to get a date that both families could attend they finally gave up and got married with neither family there. It was the pastor,the couple and Danny and I. They bought parents albums of the wedding and reception and gave them to the parents. We photographed a wedding as large as 1,500 (a german family and a polish family both farmers) got married in a large catholic church located in a small farming community. For both of those weddings it was just what the couple wanted. It doesn't matter if you have a small or large wedding, as long as you are surrounded by friends and family.Vera

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