Guest Experience

Everyone is always concerned about their guests having a good time at their wedding. We agree that it is important and we make that happen by letting them know what is happening. From the "Please sign our guest book" and "pick a seat not a side"signs, to instructions throughout the night on the wedding events, we try to help them feel that they are an important part of your wedding.

Guests like to be a part so the announcements help them be at the right place at the right time to see the cake cutting, couples first dance etc. If you are not having a DJ be sure to designate someone to make the announcements. Your wedding director will let them know what event is coming up and where.

Check with your caterer to make sure that they will refresh tea & water. We have recently had caterers who did not tend to the drinks and so the guests went thirsty. If you do not have a caterer who is going to fill tea, water and ice then designate 2 or 3 people to take care of it for you.

o favors should be something you like so if there are leftovers you can use them! Other ideas include- seeds, cozies, candles, take home packets for smores & hot cocoa, dessert bar etc!

We want your wedding to be perfect -and having happy guests is part of that, so we do all that we can think of to help that be a reality. Have a Blessed Marriage! Vera

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