Bridal or Wedding Shower?

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

So we recently were involved with some Bridal/Wedding showers and were asked questions about what to expect as a Bride - Hostess - Guest. So I thought I would share some info. Who gives a Shower? Usually the Maid/Matron of Honor gives one for friends of the Bride. A Family member (usually not a parent) gives a Wedding Shower (guys are invited too) for friends of the couple and family. Wedding showers are usually larger than Bridal showers in attendance and heavy snacks or a meal is served. Bridal showers are lighter in the attendance and food area, but usually have a cake. The hostesses visit with the bride about size of event and her invite list. At no time are people invited to the shower who are not invited to the wedding. Everyone invited to the wedding are not invited to the shower(s) either. As a Bride remember that someone else is paying for the event and be respectful of that. Hostesses remember that if the wedding ceremony is out of town this may be the only time that friends/family will get to see the Bride/Groom so the guest list may need to be enlarged to allow for that. Wedding showers tend to be more laid back and casual than Bridal showers - there are no 'wedding games' etc at Wedding showers (probably because the guys wouldn't enjoy or want to participate). Invitations to the shower include the info about the shower (who what when where) as well as where the couple is registered at and who the hostesses are with a phone# or email for questions. Invites should be sent at least 2 to 3 weeks before the shower. Hostesses- ask the Bride if she has a book for guests to sign in -with a place for the gift listing, if not then you need to provide one. Someone will need to be there to document the- who gave what list, for the couple. Bride you should give a little gift of appreciation or a thank you card to the hostesses. And you should try and get all of your thank you notes out within a couple of weeks. If you don't, then when the wedding day comes and goes you'll be really snowed under with Shower and then Wedding thank yous to send out. If you are a guest at a shower -try and buy items that the couple have registered for, if you find the same thing at a different store then be sure and include a gift receipt so that if someone else has gotten the item it can be exchanged. Gift cards are always a welcome gift - the couple has lots of last minute items and gift cards are very helpful. My grandma's (and mom's) generation always wanted to give a Special -Lasting gift for the couple to remember them always by, however reality is there are not a lot of those Special Items. Custom designed signs with the Couple's last name or monogram

items are about the only things I can think of that the Brides go crazy about (well cash...). Showers can be a great way for the Couple to enjoy visiting with their friends and family at this very emotional time and as a friend it is an honor to help that happen or to share in their joy. Everyone enjoy this special time and the part that you play in it - Have a Blessed Marriage! Vera

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